O Rosal

The valley of O Rosal stretches between the Atlantic and the Miño river. This section of beautiful land is bordered by a mountain range that gives it the appearance of a scallop.

It is situated between the municipalities of the monastic Santa María de Oia, the tourist village of A Guarda and the vast expanses of countryside that make up the municipality of Tomiño. The landscape comprises mountains and green valleys, seshore and river banks, with the Miño and Portugal in the far distance.

It covers a total area of 41.2 sq km, and in 1995 the population was 5 898. It comprises 4 parishes:

  • As Eiras,
  • O Rosal (Santa Mariña),
  • San Miguel de Tabagón and
  • San Xoán de Tabagón.

The municipality is mostly made up of cultivated lands that contrast with the mountainous and steep shoreline.

Near the coast you may visit the group of water mills of Fornelo, and in the countryside you may admire the numerous stone crosses. But the biggest attraction is the beautiful countryside and the delicious fruits it produces.