The municipality of Oia is located in the northernmost point of Galicia. Its privileged position makes it an area of tourist and economical expansion.

It is next to the beautiful village of Baiona in the north; the municipality of O Rosal in the south; Tomiño, capital of Kiwi, in the east; and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Oia covers a total area of 83.6 sq km and has a population of 3 160.

The municipality of Oia is a mountainous region that joins the narrow stretch of coast fronting the Atlantic. The highest peaks are the massif of Sierra de A Groba, O Lousado and Alto das Pozas, in the east, and Corrubelo in the west.

It is one of the sunniest municipalities of the northern provinces (the annual average is 15 ºC), due to the microclimate of Southern Galicia.

In the 1950´s a massive reafforestation of pines was carried out. The profits obtained by the exploitation of the forest are spent on the infrastructure and on the conservation of the historical heritage