The municipality of Tomiño, the former “Turonium”, covers a total area of 103,4 sq km and has a population of 10 700 distributed over 15 parishes.

The highes peaks, Niño do Corvo and A Pedrada, are part of the Sierra de Argallo. The summits are natural balconies overlooking the terraces descending towards the Miño, in the east. The vast expanses of land are watered by the Furnia, Tebra, Pego Bravos, Cerrada and Tollo, tributaries of the Miño river.

The mild climate of the area allows the cultivation of the renowned horticultural products and fruit trees of the Baixo Miño.

Its natural resources and unique geography favour the creation of agricultural cooperatives, the ceramics, woods and granite industries, and the fluvial fishing production.