Salceda de Caselas

The municipality of Salceda de Caselas is located in the south of the Pontevedra province. It covers a total area of 36.1 km and geographically, it belongs to the Baixo Miño region.

It borders Ponteareas in the north; Salvaterra de Miño in the east; Tui in the south and O Porriño in the west. It has a population of 5,952 inhabitants distributed among 7 civil parishes (A Picoña, San Xurxo de Salceda, Santa María de Salceda, San Estevo de Budiño, Soutelo, Parderrubias and Entenza), mostly on the banks of the Caselas river.

The main mountains are:

  • Monte Faro (395 m),
  • Chan de Melo (402 m) and
  • San Cibrán (430 m).

The most important economic resource is the development of the O Cerqueido Industrial Estate, in Budiño, with a lot of granite quarries.

Over the last few years, the economic activities have been focused on greenhouses (flowers, fruit, vegetables and legume).

The architecture includes “pazos”, the Baroque-style manors typical of Galicia, and stately houses.