The municipality of Porriño is located in the middle of the A Louriña region, which is part of the Baixo Miño. Situated in the south of the province, the area is an important communications centre between Ourense, Vigo and Portugal. It is next to Mos, Tui, Salceda de Caselas, Ponteareas, Vigo and Gondomar.

Because of its proximity to Vigo, Porriño represents the focus of the economic activity of the region. The improvement of the road and railway systems has caused the moving of many factories to the area.

In effect, Porriño is a communications centre crossed by:

  • the A-52 that connects southern Galicia and the tableland,
  • the Vigo-Tui road that leads to Portugal and
  • the railsways towards Portugal and the tableland.

The demographic rise is also due to the economic prosperity and to the good connections with Vigo.

Porriño is the most populated municipality of the region and with the highest number of inhabitants under 25 years.

It also represets a key municipality in the economic development of Vigo:

  • not only because of the industrial expansion but
  • also because of its granite exploitations.