The Chamber

The Chamber of Tui is a government-owned enterprise that promotes and defends the general interests of Commerce, Industry and Shipping, contributing to the economic development of its area of influence.

It is an Entity with legal personality created by law, as the other 84 Spanish Chambers. Law 3/93 on the Chambers of Commerce establishes its functions, economic procedure, law and jurisdiction and budgetary procedures.


Its financing is based on two types of resources:

  • Permanent: Percentage established by Law on the corporation tax, personal income tax and trade income tax.
  • Not permanent: Rendering of services, programme management, collaboration agreement with the General State Administration, etc.


All of the commercial, industrial, shipping and services companies, no matter if they are natural persons or corporate entities, which practise in the district activities liable to the trade income tax.

They are all members,with all the rights conferred by law, of the Chamberand therefore could be voters and eligible to make up the management organisms of this Institution.