Promotion Scheme of Galician Exports (Plan de Fomento de las Exportaciones Gallegas) "FOEXGA"

The Galician Chambers with the part-financing of the Xunta de Galicia organizes actions to promote itself abroad:

  • Trade Missions (link)
  • Inverse Trade Missions (link)
  • Participation in International Trade Fairs (link)
  • Trainees promoting abroad
  • Market research
  • Foreign trade courses, seminars, sessions, etc.

Plan for the Introduction of Promotion Abroad (Plan de Iniciación a la Promoción Exterior) - PIPE

The objective of this plan is to drive forward the small and medium sized enterprises so that they become new steady exporters. That is the reason why it is aimed at those companies that are not exporters or are in the first phase of the process of an international promotion and commercialisation of its products and services.

This introduction process can be extended during 2 years, time during which the companies will receive the assistance of experts on foreign trade.

The subsidy covers an 80% of the costs, whenever they are acknowledged as eligible in the international promotion.

European Information Centre, "Antena EIC"

The Chamber of Tui has been acknowledged by the European Commission as a member of a wide web of Centres for European Business Information. Their objective is to facilitate the access of the SMEs to Communitarian initiatives.

The Chamber's EIC offers free information on Europe's legislation, public examinations, subsidies, searching of partners, cooperation offers, etc.

Other Services

  • Certificates of Origin, ATA Carnets, Invoice Endorsements
  • Information on tariffs
  • Information about foreign markets
  • List of foreign companies